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Personal Development Planning

This section includes details of past work QAA Scotland has carried out on Personal Development Planning (PDP). 

Scottish PDP Institutional Development Programme (ScotPID)

QAA Scotland worked with HEA and CRA on the Scottish PDP Institutional Development Programme (ScotPID). This used a 'Change Academy' type approach, working with institutional teams on small projects. 

Thirteen higher education institutions successfully submitted bids to participate in the programme and a number of these looked at the relationship between PDP and the development of graduate attributes.

The programme ran from October 2010 until September 2011 when a final report providing an overview of the ScotPID initiative was published.

PDP Toolkit

The PDP Toolkit was designed to help all staff at all levels within institutions to consider, reflect and develop their strategies and policies for the implementation and enhancement of PDP. It achieved this by using a series of self-assessment questions (SAQs) which encourage reflection on the important issues in implementation and development.

The Toolkit was developed for QAA Scotland by Kirsty Miller, Jonathan Weyers, Stuart Cross, Lorraine Walsh and Eric Monaghan of the PDP Consultancy Team at the University of Dundee. In 2011, the Toolkit was extended to include reference to PDP within placement learning and work-based learning.

The Toolkit built on previous work on the Effective Learning Framework

Personal Development Plan (PDP) Toolkit by section

PDP Aspect A strategy and planning for implementationPDF50.31 KB Download
PDP Aspect B model, design and brandingPDF71.30 KB Download
PDP Aspect C evaluation, review and quality enhancementPDF49.83 KB Download
PDP Aspect D promotion and introductionPDF49.96 KB Download
PDP Aspect E engaging academic staffPDF52.61 KB Download
PDP Aspect F engaging undergraduate studentsPDF44.37 KB Download
PDP Aspect G embedding PDP and the discipline contextPDF45.67 KB Download
PDP Aspect H assessing PDPPDF47.13 KB Download
PDP Aspect I support for reflection and action planningPDF44.93 KB Download
PDP Aspect J progression and academic developmentPDF60.67 KB Download
PDP Aspect K benefits for studentsPDF52.36 KB Download
PDP Aspect L employability and employmentPDF45.05 KB Download
PDP Aspect M linking PDP and continuing professional developmentPDF49.15 KB Download
PDP Aspect N engaging postgraduate students and postdoctoral staffPDF50.23 KB Download
PDP Aspect O placement learningPDF70.24 KB Download
PDP Aspect P work-based learningPDF75.42 KB Download
PDP Toolkit GlossaryPDF53.66 KB Download
PDP Toolkit IntroductionPDF81.95 KB Download
PDP Toolkit ReferencesPDF77.07 KB Download
PDP Toolkit Workshop modelsPDF62.24 KB Download