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QAA Scotland announces topic for the Focus On project 2017-18 project

QAA Scotland
| 19 Dec 2017

We are delighted to announce that Feedback from Assessment is the chosen topic for this year’s Focus On project. It will build on the legacy of the 2014-15 Assessment and Feedback project but this time will look solely at feedback. We asked Scottish higher education institutions and students’ associations for their views and it was decided that the two main areas of focus would be on: what students think and where we are now in terms of feedback.

The Feedback from Assessment: what students think strand will explore what students think about the feedback they receive. What’s helpful and what isn’t? We want to work with a wide range of students at all stages of study in a variety of institution types and look at what the evidence might be telling us (for example student-led teaching awards and student surveys such as the National Student Survey). We hope that what we find will feed into policy and practice.

The Following up on Feedback: where we are now strand will look at how the sector has progressed since then, particularly in institution-wide approaches to improving feedback from assessment and exploring how developments in technology can help to support staff to provide effective feedback as well as supporting students to use the feedback they receive.

An event will be held in March 2018 to share some of the outcomes of our work.

Read more information about QAA Scotland’s Focus On project and tangible resources from our previous topics on our website.